Construction Examples

MIYAGI Prefecture ISHINOMAKI Technical High School

シリカホワイト 20kg/1㎥仕様

This school was opened in April 1963. It has with departments of mechanics, electric information, chemical technology, engineering system and architecture. It celebrated 40 years7 anniversary after the opening in 1999. The school building was reconstructed for 3 years from 2003 to 2005. As the pictures show, outer surface of the building walls is beautiful exposed-concrete finish. The great east Japan earthquake in March 2011 measured upper 6 on the 7-point Japanese scale.  1.7m high tsunami caused by the earthquake attacked the school and students could escape from the building 2 days later.

We have done damage survey of the school building in August 2011. There was no cracking caused by the earthquake anywhere except minor damages on some corners of the external walls due to drifting articles by the earthquake. 「SILICA WHITE」has contributed to protect the building with its performance of strength improvement.

The building was attacked by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11th but the condition is good without cracks.