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Characteristics and expected application of a special concrete admixture 「Silica White」stated in the newest study report by the graduate school at Kanazawa Institute of Technology.

After the commercialization of Silica White in 1992, it has been sold and used in overseas and domestic building sites. The greatest feature of this product is that it is a volcanic fine powder originating in the volcanic ash and it has various advantages compared to silica fume which originates in the industrial ash.

At present it is widely used in architectural field which has more flexibility of material choices compared to the civil engineering field.

In order to break through this situation and to develop the market in civil engineering field, Silica Japan Inc has entrusted the study to prove the chemical superiority of Silica White to the graduate school at Kanazawa Institute of Technology in 2019.

This study is a proposal based on the past experiences and understanding of Silica White in civil engineering field.

Besides, in March 2020 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) for the 「Volcanic glass fine particles」was enacted by the Japanese ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Silica Japan Inc. has applied for the JIS

certification December 2022 after 2 years’ preparation.

This product is fine particle product (SiO2) in the first place and you can expect positive effects by adding in fresh concrete such as :

① Early strength developing property and high final strength of concrete by high pozzolanic


② Dense microstructure by filler effects and pozzolanic reactivity which controls the chloride movement and improves the water tightness and chemical resistance.

Some differences between Silica White and Silica Fume can be summed up as

follows. ince Silica White is made by crushing rocks originating in volcanic ash and the particle sizes can be controlled.

① Silica Fume is not produced in Japan and imported from abroad while

② Silica White is made in Japan from domestic raw materials insuring stable supplies.

③ The fact mentioned in ② leads to insuring the stable quality of Silica White while the quality of Silica Fume is not stable.

Please refer to the documents in our website for detailed study reports on each subject.