Construction Examples

IBARAKI Prefecture MITO City Hall

The new city hall of Mito city was opened in January 2019. The plan was laid out based on careful researches such as the result of “questionnaire survey of 10,000 Mito citizens on the future vision of Mito city” after the great east Japan earthquake, opinions of citizens’ investigation committee on the improvement works of the city hall, grasping works of citizens’ needs and discussions at the special investigation committee of the city council.

One of the important duties of the city hall has been the safety performance as a comprehensive disaster prevention center and in addition to the earthquake resistance capacity the hall guarantees the maximum safety structurally and technically being equipped with sufficient safety control system and independence. The city hall gives services jointly with the fire-fighting head office and the water service office. It has disaster control center aiming at safe city hall as a comprehensive disaster protection center. In order to enhance the structural earthquake resistance, “SILICA WHITE” was adopted for this building.